Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Angiography

Templeton Imaging is a recognized leader in Magnetic Resonance Imaging. We were one of the first in the county to introduce Magnetic Resonance Angiography, a non-invasive method for the evaluation of blood vessels.

We provide the MRI imaging for Twin Cities Community Hospital in-patients and Emergency room patients.

What Patients and Their Doctors Should Know About MRI

Compared to lower field strength scanners (such as Open MRI) and older high field strength scanners, our MRI offers many exceptional advantages including:

MRI Patient Information

What is MRI and What Will I Experience?

The purpose of MRI or magnetic resonance imaging is to diagnostically evaluate your brain or body, so that your Physician can obtain a quick and accurate diagnosis. Patients will lie on a table while the MR scanner produces images using a magnetic field and computers. Depending on the type of exam, intravenous medication called gadolinium may be required. The administration of the medication is usually painless and rarely causes adverse reaction.

Why Does It Matter Which Type of MRI I Have?

MRI scanning facilities vary greatly, with differences in the type of MR scanners and professional expertise. In general, the high-field magnet or older high field strength MRI scanners produce superior images in less time compared to Open or Low Field strength techniques. The high-field MRI is not only faster and technically superior, it is also comfortable. The high field strength scanners are specifically designed for patient comfort due to the larger patient opening and shorter scanner design. In addition, some imaging methods such as MR angiography, detailed brain, body, spine, joint, breast, and diffusion imaging, may be impossible to perform or limited in quality on some Open or Low Field strength devices.