Exam Preparation

Ensuring Safe and Accurate Results

Please see additional special instructions on the back of your Doctor’s order regarding your particular exam.


For your comfort, headphones and your choice of music will be available for you to listen to during your scan.


(Upper GI, Esophagram, Barium Swallow, Small Bowel, Barium Enema)

Digital Mammography

Please do not use any powders, perfumes, or deodorants on your breasts or under your arms on the day of your appointment. If your appointment is later in the day and you need to wear deodorant, we will provide ‘wipes’ for you prior to your exam. Just refrain from powders and perfumes and let the technologist know.

Bone Density

Weight cannot exceed 350 lbs. Please let the receptionist know if you have had back or hip surgery; or and you must not have had an IVP, BE, UGI (any contrast), Nuclear Medicine Scan or CT scan with contrast within the last 5 days.


Please follow the exam preparation directions on your order. Each exam has very specific directions. For some exams you need to drink a large amount of water. For other exams you cannot have anything to eat or drink. Please check with your Scheduler if you have any specific questions or concerns.

CT Examinations

There is a barium drink that you need to pick up from the office prior to your appointment for many CT exams. You should tell the Scheduler if you are on medicine for diabetes.

Some exams require an IV contrast media to be injected into a vein before the procedure. Be sure to notify the Scheduler or Technologist if you are allergic to anything. They may also ask you about recent lab tests results that we might need because of the contrast that is given to you.

Interventional Radiology

(Shoulder injections prior to MRI, Hip Injections or Aspirations, Breast Biopsies, etc.)